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For bookings, please call at +30 690 648 4696 or text us through our contact form.

Who said that Athens is not beautiful at night?

This tour is made for the most romantic of you, and also those who would like to enjoy Athens, when viewed from a different ‘angle’ under the night sky and city lights …

We welcome you to a three-hour night ride through the modern center of Athens.

Syntagma, Acropolis, Plaka, Panathenaic Stadium and other major Athenian highlights and sites are emerging warm anf magic through the night colors and lights.

The shadows at Plaka accompanied by the ancient “whispers” beneath the Acropolis and the spotlight on the ancient marble blend harmoniously with the presence of the moon.

The experience will be unforgettable.

Like in every tour, you may request the presence of a guide. Contact us to inform you about the details.