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In this tour we will visit the following very important sights and locations:

  • Chaeronea
  • Delphi
  • Arachova ( lunch )
  • Monastery of Saint Loukas

We start our tour from Chaironia. Today Chaironeia is  a village in Viotia, and it's famous for its famous battle of Chaeronea that took place there in 338 BC. The most important monument of the region is the Lion of Chaeronea, the restored marble funerary monument that marks the public tomb of  Thebans soldiers fallen in this battle.

We continue heading west to the famous Oracle of Delphi, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

What can someone say for that place? The majesty of the site of the Oracle of Delphi is breathtaking ! The 'navel of the world'as it was called by the ancient Greeksis full of unique monuments and sites. The Oracle was dedicated to the God Apollo. Famous Pythia was the median fortune teller  through which the God communicated with the humans, and gave his oracles whenever he was asked.

The awesome ritualistic process of prophesying that took place here, along with the sanctity and respect that the ancient Greeks perceived the Oracle, together with the unique Delphic Landscape, completes a picture classified as “life experience.” The site extends across the hillside and is strewn with works of art and monuments.

Among them are the Temple of Athena Pronaia, the Gymnasium, the famous Castalian Spring, the Temple of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians, the ancient Theatre and the Stadium.

We make a stop for lunch on the way back, in the picturesque harbor of Arachova, while later not omit to visit the unique monastery of Saint Luke, a middle Byzantine architecture monument that's included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The presence of a professional guide in the tour can be arranged. Please contact us to inform you about the cost of the service.

Total duration of tour is approximately 8 to 9 hours.